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Alec Brook-Krasny on the Issues:

Restore a Billion Dollars to the NYPD.
Alec proudly stands with our police force and all men and women in uniform. As the Assemblyman, he will condition aid for Mayor Eric Adams on restoring the billion dollars that were cut from the police by ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio, skyrocketing crime throughout New York City. Alec believes in reformed stop-and-frisk – requiring officers to wear body cameras, abolishing the old law that prohibits officers from choosing to serve in their own communities.
Reverse Bail Reform.
The so-called “bail reform” created a revolving door. Violent criminals are released immediately upon arrest, only to victimize some of the most vulnerable members of society: children, women, and seniors. It’s time for our elected officials to stop siding with the criminals and start siding with the law-abiding citizens who want to live their lives in safety and peace.
End The Shutdowns.

Two years is enough. Our state cannot tolerate any more shutdowns that have been proven to cause little benefit but tremendous suffering and loss to small businesses. Small businesses drive the New York economy. They are the heart and soul of our city, our state. The reason our neighborhoods thrive and our communities flourish. Our state cannot rebuild without the government standing by small businesses and aiding in their recovery process, instead of hampering them further with unjust and burdensome regulations. 
Lower Taxes, Less Bureaucracy.
As a long-time small business owner, Alec understands the needs of small businesses. New York must be the engine of growth that is supportive of businesses, big and small.  Too many taxes and bureaucratic regulations have driven companies out of New York. There are too many wasteful political programs that benefit from business taxation, but over-taxing businesses is never the solution. 
Bring Back Merit-Based Education.
Many residents in Alec’s district attended Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, and other merit-based schools. A disproportionate number of these students are immigrants whose parents are working hard for little pay in hopes that their children will have a fair shot at the American Dream. Bill de Blasio waged war on these schools and tried to snuff out the competitive spirit that drives students to excel and achieve. It’s time to bring back and expand the gifted and talented programs. We must also pave the way for more, NOT less, Charter schools, as they have shown incredible progress and bring to light the inefficiencies within the Board of Education. Taxpayers contributing to the city who enroll their children in private schools need support as well, as these schools are not funded by our government but provide a strong education and opportunity. 

Congestion and gridlock are the resounding issues that we face in our daily commutes. Alec intends to bring a ferry route from Coney Island to Manhattan, with the stop by Bay Ridge American Veterans Memorial Pier and to develop a pier on the ocean side of Coney Island peninsula that will serve not only as a means of transportation but also as a form of evacuation for residents in case of an emergency. It has been an incredibly popular form of transportation for Staten Island residents, and Brooklyn residents deserve the same benefits. 
Alec will work to bring increased safety measures, as well as homeless outreach services to our ailing subways, and contribute to higher security for subway commuters.  Alec supports building new homeless shelters in city industrial zones, not in residential areas.

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